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Apart from treating Back pain, Dr Dong also very experienced in treating a lots of other pain related problems. Below are only few examples that some of the problems he treated:


Migraine and Tension Headache

Case study 1: K. A. is a 45 years old male. He hit his head by a tree branch 3 month ago. Since then he had constantly tension headache, this really effected his concentration on his work.

When I examined him, I found his pain mainly located on the one side of his head, I also could found pain pressure point. So I chose gall bladder meridian for the Acupuncture, using Tui Na on the pressure point, using a special Acupuncture method on the head. After one session, the patient came back and told me, after the treatment, he had a very deep sleep which he hasn’t experienced for nearly 10 years, when he woke up, he felt the pain nearly all went, the head felt refreshed. I carried on the same treatment for another 3 session, the headache went completely.

Note: in TCM’s view: both Migraine and Tension Headache are caused by blood staginess. In this case, the staginess is result of the hitting from the tree. In other cases the blood staginess could cause by stress, bad posture, bad diet, etc. So solving the blood staginess is the key for treating Migraine and Tension Headache.

In last year alone I had treated more than 30 cases Migraine and Tension Headache patients, all of them had good result.

Case study 2:  D.S a 42 year old lorry driver had migraine for over 10 years. When he came to see me, he was still having a Migraine on a weekly basis, he was feeling sick, and had blur and narrow vision, he had to sign off work, laying on the floor with curtain closed. His worse fear is: have a Migraine when he is driving. Although this never happen yet, he was desperately to seek a cure.

When I examined him, his neck felt hard, there were pressure point on neck and shoulder. I treated him with Acupuncture and Acupressure. The first month, he only had one Migraine, which was not severe. The second month, he had no Migraine. He was happy with the result, and continued to see me once a month to “top up”. I followed him for nearly 5 years, apart few tiny Headache, he was free from Migraine. In my experience, the main causes of Migraine are ‘blockage’ and ‘ tension’, I find Acupuncture and Acupressure are very effective to unlock the ‘ blockage’, relief the ‘tension’.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Case study: P.S a 69 year old male, he had facial pain for over 10 years,t he pain became severe in last two month. Brushing teeth, chewing food can cause severe pain that feel like electric shock. He is a heavy smoker, his tongue looks red and with thick yellow coating. In TCM’s view: this is the sign of pathogenic fire and retention of phlegm. I gave him Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After 3 session,the pain started to subside, after 8 session, the pain completely went. I followed his condition for 2 years,he is fine.

Note: Trigeminal Neuralgia is a very painful illness. In TCM’s view, smoking and drinking can cause pathogenic fire and retentive phlegm, this can change the blood circulation around the face, effecting the nerve, causing the pain. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can improving local mucus and blood circulation, repairing the nerve damage. Majority of neuralgia patients I treated had good result.


Period Pain

Case study: K.M.this is a 20 year old student, she suffered form severe period pain since she was a teenager. During period time she would felt sick, cold, had to lay on bed covered with quilt. She need taking pain-killer,also found hot water bottle help. Her hands and foots felt cold, face and lip looks pale. Tongue looks white, pulse feels deep and weak.

In TCM’s view: this is signs of deficiency of kidney Yang energy. I used acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine two week before her next period due, to strengthen her Yang energy, circulating the blood circulation. When the period came, the pain was much less, she could carry on her normal life. So we carried the treatment for 8 session, she had no period pain, foots and hands also getting warmer, felt more energetic.

Note: Acupuncture and Herbs are very effective for treating period pain. It’s also good at treating Irregular Period, Heavy Period, PMT(premenstrual syndrome), etc.


Knee Pain

Case study: M. D. a 81 years old male,he had Arthritis on both knee for more than 20 years, last 7 month he was in severe pain, he was very difficult to walk. Pain-killer and Cortisone Injection could not help the pain. When I examine his knee, even the gentle touch on the knee made him leg jump.

I used Tui Na Massage and Acupuncture on his knee. After two session, the pain became less, he could walk without stick, touching on the knee was not painful. After 5 session treatment, the pain nearly went, we reduced the treatment to once a month for 3 month, he was fine, so we stopped the treatment.

Note: Knee Pain is very common problem, it can caused by Arthritis, Muscle, Ligament, Tendon and Cartilage Damage. Acupuncture can improving the blood circulation around the knee, repairing muscle, ligament and tendon damage, relieving the pain, increasing knee’s strength and flexibility. I had treated both young and old people, it’s all work well.


Tennis Elbow

Case study: F.S.a 53 years old male, he is a painter. Because of repeating movement from his job, he developed to Tennis Elbow. He felt pain from his left elbow and difficult to grip things. Because he could not carry on his job, he urgently need help.

I used Tui Na, Acupuncture, then Cupping. The pain is much less after one session, after another two session, the pain completely went.

Note: I still remember when I first started working in hospital, one of my colleague told me: “Tennis elbow is a small problem, but difficult to cure. “call it small, is because the pain usually occur on the tiny bony lump of ousted elbow. This part have little muscle, so it’s difficult to treat. The classic Acupuncture is good for tennis elbow, but the success rate is not very high. Last few years, I used Tui Na, “Surrounding needling” Acupuncture, Cupping together, and getting a very good result.


Sports Injury

Case study: C. P. a 18 years old athlete, who had a fracture on his foot (metatarsal bone). After the fracture healed, his foot still swollen and feeling painful. After Physiotherapy failed to work, he came to see me. I gave him Tui Na massage, Acupuncture, and Herbal tea treatment, two month later there was no pain, no swollen. His sport performance also improved.

Note: In my clinic, I find Acupuncture especially effective for treating tendon, ligament spray injury, all this injuries have poorly response to another type of treatment. Sport injury is better treated early, with a lot of acute injury, only one or two sessions of Acupuncture can solve the problems. But if you lost the early opportunity, the chronic injuries still could get better by Acupuncture, but just need taking longer time.



Free from pain, enjoy life.